Bodie’s Treasured Memory Bags are free of charge and are filled with grief resources to help children grieve for their brother or sister and to understand how they are feeling. They support families to remember and grieve together.
bereavement memory bags

The bags aim to…

• Explore grief and support an understanding of sibling death
• Encourage children and young people to share their thoughts, feelings and worries
• Books to encourage understanding of grief
• A treasure chest to store precious memories
• Art resources to encourage creativity
• A Sensory cushion, sensory story and resources are included within the SEND bag.

What age are the bags suitable for?

Ages 3-10 is our younger bag with an art set and storybooks to explain death encourage conversation.

Ages 11-16 is our older bag and they contain gel pens and a creative colouring book to explore how they are grieving.

Ages 3-25 for children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities this bag has been designed to support children and young people who have communication difficulties which makes explaining death more difficult. Full of sensory props, story and emotion cards.

bereavement memory bags
memory bags for family support

Bodie’s Special Treasured Memory Bag

We have worked with Sarah Helton, Backpocket Teacher to develop a Sensory story that explains death for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We believe that all children should be supported as they grieve and so this bag also includes a bereavement and loss Widgit that can be personalised for each family, emotion image cards and sensory props to understand grief in a simple and accessible way.

How much do the bags cost?

We provide the bags as a gift from us to your family free of charge. We can provide up to 2 bags per family and the resources are easily shared.

bags & books
bereavement sessions

I am a professional, can I request a bag for a family?

We only provide bags directly to families by completing the request form below. If you are working with a family please ask them to request a bag using the form at the bottom of this page and then use the bag within your sessions.

How can I request a bag for my children?

Bags are only available for children following the death of their sibling.
Bodie’s Treasured Memory Bags were inspired by our daughter’s grief for her brother and the need to support siblings following the death of their brother or sister. As a parent, our concern for our surviving children can be as painful as our grief and so we hope that Bodie’s Treasured Memory bags will help to support you as a family as you grieve. If your child is working with a professional, mentor or teacher, you might want to pass the bag onto them to use with your child.

If you would like a treasured memory bag for your child please complete the request form below and we will send a bag directly to you. We aim to respond to all requests and send out bags within 7 days of receiving your request.

referal for bereavement support

What others think about Bodie’s Treasured Memory Bags

I just wanted to let you know that the treasured memory bags arrived today and I am lost for words. The contents of the bag is very generous, I love the idea of the ‘Worry Bear’. The books are fantastic….everything from the little cardboard treasure chest, to the cards to write down their feelings of worry, or what they remember about their baby brother, and the workbook is absolutely amazing

Thank you for the memory bags. I very much appreciate it. They look great and I’ve already started working through the books with the boys.

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