Bodie’s Boathouse

Bodie’s Boathouse is for Parents and Families who live in the East Midlands and is available for a week long stay during the first 3 years after the child has died.
Bodie’s Boathouse is a 3-bedroomed luxury lodge designed to help families relax and spend time together and sleeps 6. We opened in 2016 to allow bereaved families a safe place to stay and spend time together. The lodge is equipped with luxury items such as an outdoor globe which provides shelter during bad weather whilst looking out at the lake. You can sit and have a meal in here or it turns into a daybed for total relaxation.

Bodie’s Boathouse was designed to be wheelchair accessible. It has widened doors, turning circles and adapted shower and toilet facilities in the wet room.

We are sorry to say that Bodie’s Boathouse is closed due to government guidelines relating to COVID-19. We will be back up and running once restrictions are lifted. Sorry for any inconvenience

bodies boathouse
help for grieving families

Where is the Boathouse Located?

Bodie’s Boathouse is situated at Tallington lakes Leisure Home Park and Outdoor activity Centre, on the Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire county borders. The setting is perfect for escaping or exploring. Tallington has facilities that will appeal to all ages and includes an outdoor swimming pool, dry ski slope, climbing wall and many water-based activities. There is also a restaurant and bar on site too. Every family is provided with a meal in the restaurant and an activity courtesy of Tallington Lakes. Stamford is also only a 20-minute drive away.

Who can stay at Bodie’s Boathouse?

Parents and Families who have experienced the death of a child of any age
Parents who have lost their only child and those with surviving children
You can stay within 3 years of the death of your child
You must live in the East Midlands

bodies boathouse
help for grieving families

How much does it cost to stay at Bodie’s Boathouse?

There is no charge for families to use the Boathouse, we ask for families to pay a refundable intentional damage deposit of £250 before their stay. This is in the form of a cheque which is then returned to families after their stay.

Inside the Boathouse

Inside the Boathouse there are activities to help you to relax with books, colouring, a PS4 and Sky Q in every room. The jacuzzi bath also ensures for a relaxing evening.
The Boathouse is disability friendly with ramp, turning circles and wet room to ensure that everyone can stay. The outside space is as stunning as the inside with views of the lake from a beautiful roof terrace and a large decked area. Sadly, we cannot accommodate pets at the Boathouse.

bodies boathouse

Bodie’s Boathouse Referral Form

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