Bodie’s Bereavement Service

For families bereaved of a child in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

Who do we support?

We support Parents and children in the first year after the child has died
Individuals and Families whose child was 18 or under when they died
We support parents whose only child has died, as well as families with living children
Individuals and Families of any faith or no faith

bereavement service
help for grieving families

What service do we provide to families bereaved of a child?

The death of a child is one of the most devastating experiences a parent can face. The Bodie Hodges Foundation believes that every family bereaved of a child should have access to early support that includes the whole family. We will work with the whole family, parents and siblings as well as blended families. We are also passionate about supporting children with SEND following the death of a brother or sister. The early days following the death of a child can feel lonely and isolating and bereaved families can be given lots of different advice about how to feel and what to do but we know that each of us grieve uniquely and so our service will meet you where you are in your grief and support you to grieve in your own way.

We offer Family and Child Centred sessions which may include:

A chat with our bereavement practitioner to support you
A friendly face during the first year after your child dies
Support in your own home or in a safe place like a Café or community centre
Gentle therapeutic support that feels like meeting a friend for a cuppa
A chance to talk about your child and things you are worried about
Memory Making and support as you grieve
Creative sessions with children to understand their feelings and to remember

home visits bereavement support
referal for bereavement support

Sessions for Children and Young people

121 sessions in the child’s home or school
A chance to talk about their brother or sister
Understand feelings of grief and how to remember their siblings
Gentle therapeutic sessions during the first year after the death of their brother or sister
Age appropriate activities

Where will the sessions take place?

We know that in early grief it can be hard to leave the house and so our Bereavement practitioner will come and meet you in your own home. We can also meet you in a safe place like a Café or Community Centre. We can meet children in their own home or at school. When we work with pre-school children sessions take place at home with a parent or trusted person.

bereavement sessions

How can I make a referral?

We accept referrals from professionals and families, and you will find the forms below. If you would like to have a chat about this service before you complete a referral form, please contact Nicola by email nicola@bodiehodgesfoundation.co.uk or call 07483347008

Self-referral: We will usually make contact with you about 4 weeks after a referral is made, if you require contact from our bereavement practitioner before this time please tick the box

Professional Referral: We usually make contact with a family 4 weeks after a referral is made, if the family has indicated they would like contact before this please tick the box